Main Characters

  Rex Rex (Male, White recessive pied) is a young budgie … not even to the point of having lost his forehead stripes yet (too bad, being a pied, he may be forever doomed to looking like a child). Rex tends to get lost in his own fantasies. He believes everything, and nearly anything will set him off into a daydream. While this is a frequent annoyance to flockmates, it often gives him accidental insights into how to solve problems.
  Monkey Monkey (Male, Wild green) just wants to get along with everybody. Even though he is skeptical of anything that is unsupported, he prefers to calmly mediate rather than confront. Perhaps this is why he makes friends with such a disparate group of personalities — personalities that more often than not are at odds with each other.
  Waka Waka (Female, Blue yellowface) is Monkey’s best friend since childhood. To her, everything is a joke — the entire world is one big gag. Unfortunately, her constant mockery and inability to know when she’s taken things too far makes her plenty of enemies.
  Sunburn Sunburn (Male, Green cinnamon) also sees the world as a bit of a joke. Unfortunately, he believes that the joke is on him. His curmudgeonness, cynicism, and suspicion — combined with his love of food and slothfulness — has both isolated him from most of the flock and lead to some health issues.

Secondary Characters

  Expazatory Expazatory, a.k.a. Spaz, (Female, Green greyfactor) has some anxiety problems. Everything is a deadly threat, no matter how innocuous or remote it actually is. This has driven her to some unhealthy coping habits … such as plucking.
King Reginald III King Regi (Male, Cobalt Violet Factor Crested) is the ruler of the aviary by virtue of being the only budgie with a crown.
The Reverend The Reverend (Male, albino – dyed red) is the head of the aviary’s Holy Church of the Foodgiver and purveyor of religious doctrine.
Graphite Graphite is the King’s seneschal, scribe, and adviser.
Figs Figs (Female, Light blue) is a new bird in the aviary, on whom Monkey has developed a crush from afar.
Symphony Symphony (Female, Green Clearflight Pied) is an aging retired fashion model.
The Foodgiver The benevolent five-talloned deity who brings food to the realm.